CNC machining
About us
Established in 2010, RightWay Manufacturing Solutions is a family owned and operated startup built on experience, integrity, and hard working principles. Quality and customer service have always been our top priorities. What started as a one man shop with three machines in a small rented storage building now encompasses over 19,000 square feet, 16 CNC machines, and over 30 employees. We continue to add late model equipment and the best tooling to meet our customers' growing needs. 
We are a precision machining and manufacturing solutions provider with 40 years experience, servicing the Oil and gas industry across the US. From design review and new product development, to production and assembly, we are a full service manufacturing provider.



Richard Newman (Owner/General Manager)


Richard has been in manufacturing over 40 years, with experience in manufacturing in various industries. His dedication to quality and customer service is a big contributor to his success, but he will tell you that his exceptional employees are the ones that make it all possible. 


Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing